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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

For more information, please contact info@scrubjaytrail.org
(352) 429-5566

sat - wed : 8:00-5:00

Email photo contributions
of wildlife or plants seen
on the trail to this address: photos@scrubjaytrail.org



April 23, 2011 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers and Friends,

Young Florida Scrub-jay at Punta Gorda

"Young Scrub-jay taken at Punta Gorda, Florida "
photo: Doug Knodle - April 26, 2011

Hightlights of the Trail

The scrub-jays have been taking a new turn recently. They are all over the property acting more like it is Fall. Not staying in the usual nesting location. Not quite sure if we have an additional jay, as several folks have spotted 2 on one section of the Trail and another one on a different section of the Trail.

Prickly Pear in Bloom

Prickly Pear in Bloom

The mockingbirds continue to harass the jays and we recently saw our first pair of Swallow-tailed kites, a couple months later than years prior. Our Bluebird Trail has quite an interesting group of birds nesting. See below under Bluebird Trail The trails are full of yellow prickly pear cactus in all its glory and each day brings numerous wildflowers full of nectar for the honeybees. The federally listed scrub bear grass is in full bloom and thriving in this restored section of the Trail.

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April Trailday

Trailday - Saturday, April 23, 2011    8am-11am
We need everyone to come on out this weekend to help plant 75 scrub oaks. We'll also be pruning oaks so bring your shovels, loppers and work gloves. You will note the trees along the Trail that have been pruned over several years. Most already have turned into perfect nesting sights where few predators can see through the thickness of the branches and leaves. The scrub-jays have been very active on this section of the trail.Great opportunity to contribute to the restoration and earn volunteer hours while you enjoy the birds. Please RSVP.

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Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout Daniel Socorras of troop 14 worked diligently as he built and installed 5 bat houses along the lake front and marsh edges. Anyone up for monitoring these houses?
Can't wait for this to cut down on the mosquito population naturally.
Very nice job Daniel. Thank you! This comes at a perfect time as we introduce Cyndi Marks with the Florida Bat Conservancy next month for a day and night long Land Manager Bat Workshop on May 13th. Public Invited May 14th. See below Upcoming Events.

Central Florida Astronomical Society
Thank you Tony Urzi for your program to Cub Scout Pack 929, lead by Leslie Smrekar.
Your Sky Party geared towards achieving Astronomy Belt Loops and Academic Pins was a smashing success.

Cub Scout Pack 929

Your Sky Party for the Cub Scout Pack 929
photo: Melissa Lynch
see pictures in the Gallery

Lei Lani Davis Herb Workshop
You couldn't walk out of this sold out workshop without asking where did your food come from and what benefit did you get from what you just ate. Growing, freezing, drying,vinegars, rubs, medicinals etc. were all covered.
Mark your calendar October 8, 2011 Lei Lani will be back for more!! Waiting list has already started. Contact  info@bbbrowns.com  for more information.

Lei Lani Davis

Lei Lani Davis at the Herb and Spice Workshop
see pictures in the Gallery

Bluebird Trail
Jana Harris
and Janet Carter have been monitoring the Bluebird Trail weekly and currently report that we have 5 babies in one bluebird box, 3 babies in another. The Carolina chickadees now have 5 babies. Another pair of bluebirds keep trying to nest but the Red bellied woodpeckers seem to want everybody's box. After many replaced entrance guards they think they have it down pat. A couple of boxes are woodpecker friendly and that's where they will have to live. The pair of Great crested flycatchers are very vocal and are exploring the newly installed gourds and existing purple martin house. Thanks Jana for the gourd houses and poles, additional bluebird boxes and new guards.

Chickadee Chickadee Eggs
Chickadee at Home
photo: Janet Carter
Chickadee Eggs
photo: Janet Carter

Enchanted Forest Earth Day Festival, Titusville, FL
Thank you Terri and Dan Cleary and Joyce and Bill Stefancic for spreading the word about Florida's only endemic bird...the Florida Scrub-Jay. It was one popular event and everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing your talents! (photos to come)

Dan Cleary
What a remarkable rebuild on the old garden cart. Looks like it is ready to enter a race
Thank you.

Joyce Stefancic
Your Central Florida Astronomical Society donation box and telescope were very creative! Made for a nice addition.

Terri and Dan Cleary
Thanks for the contribution of everyday paper products. Comes in handy!

Judy Clark
Your endless creatively themed breakfast treats on Trailday are always exciting and delicious. We thank you for your continued support.

Giving Garden

National Wildlife Federation Giving Garden
Thanks to the entire class for keeping up so diligently on the newly planted habitat Giving Garden. Hiroshi Araki and Susan Vergnani witnessed a special occurrence this past week when they were watering and weeding. A baby gopher tortoise was enjoying the weeds in the garden and then scurried to its little burrow. Amazing how quickly they will come when you build the perfect habitat!
Nice job!!

Eagle Scout Projects-New List Posted
For the scout leaders and those working towards their Eagle recognition, we have just posted our new list of projects available. Contact Bruce Brown at  info@scrubjaytrail.org

Renewed or New Members
Thank you to all of those that renewed or became new members of The Florida Scrub-Jay Trail. This is one way you can support what we are doing and the only way that we are able to continue. 100% of all funding (with the exception of occasional "project" grants) for the Florida Scrub-Jay Consortium comes from private donors like you. This non profit is run 100% by volunteers and we are very proud and honored to know you.

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Upcoming Events

May 7, 2011 8am-11am
Florida Scrub-Jay Trail Orientation
- Clermont, FL
Free guided tour.  Click here  for more details.

Florida Bat Conservancy

May 13, 3:30pm- 10pm
Florida Bat Workshop
for Land Managers or those Studying Bats

Florida Scrub-Jay Trail, Clermont. $35.00 includes dinner.

Join Cyndi and George Marks, co-founders of  Florida Bat Conservancy as they take us through the mysterious and fascinating world of Florida bats. We will cover distribution and identification of bats, echolocation, bat houses, bats and public health, bat exclusion in buildings, bat watching and listening with bat detectors. Live bats will participate in this workshop.
Deadline May 6, 2011. Space is limited.
For registration contact   info@scrubjaytrail.org  or call (352) 429-5566
Scrub-Jay Trail Members receive discount.
Click here  for more details.

May 14, 9am-10am
Florida Bat Program open to the public

See live bats and learn what role they play in our daily lives.
Cost: $5.00
Click here  for more details and to RSVP.

May 19, 6pm-8pm
Lost Lake Elementary School Science Fair

Every year we attend and encourage these young inquisitive minds to continue to explore and create. Their projects will blow you away!

May 21, 10am-2pm
Lake Louisa State Park Nature Fest

Life doesn't get much better than a day spent on the beach under hundred year old oak trees and visiting with wildlife, native wildflowers, guided birding walks and festivities for the entire family! Come on out and say hello at The Florida Scrub-Jay Trail booth

May 28, 8am-11am
Adopt a Roadway Clean-up and Trailday

Come out and enjoy the fun of what you can find on our roadways or choose to work on the restoration of the Trail.
The Florida Scrub-Jay Trail, in partnership with Lake County work together to make our roadways pleasing and safe to drive. The person who finds the most interesting item (judged by your peers) wins a Florida Scrub-Jay T-shirt. An old fashioned cook out always follows. RSVP requested. Contribution of a side dish is accepted but not required.
Click here for the Roadway Clean-up/cookout RSVP form.

June 4, 8am-11am
Florida Scrub-Jay Trail Orientation
- Clermont, FL
Free guided tour.  Click here  for more details.

Photography Contributions
As always, we are proud to show off your photos. When you visit, if you are happy with a particular photo or two that you have taken and are willing to share it with others,please forward those to  photos@scrubjaytrail.org.  New photos are posted regularly in the Gallery Section. Please include your contact info for proper recognition.

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