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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

For more information, please contact info@scrubjaytrail.org
(352) 429-5566

sat - wed : 8:00-5:00

Email photo contributions
of wildlife or plants seen
on the trail to this address: photos@scrubjaytrail.org



October 25, 2014 during the haunted evening
Dahna's Haunted House Event Benefits the Trail

Each year Dahna's Haunted House and Haunted Hay Ride brings fright and excitement to the community of the Green Swamp in Clermont, FL.

On Saturday, October 25th from 7:30pm -??? experience this non traditional and non commercial adventure with this spooky adventure worth stepping into!

Hundreds of hours of planning and execution take place each year as Dahnas' Haunted House and Haunted Hayride transforms into a new meaning of Halloween..you never know what is lurking behind the next room or turn of the swamp!! Kids and adults alike enjoy the family like atmosphere..but don't let your guard down!!!. Food and beverages are available for purchase throughout the evening.

Behind the spooky fun event is a serious side as all proceeds go to a local environmental charity. This year the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail has been chosen to benefit from this event. We'd like to thank Winn Dixie and Wal Mart for their generous support this year.

We hope you will stop by our booth to say hello and pick up your free gift between your trip through the haunted house and the haunted hayride. We look forward to seeing you Saturday evening!

Here are the directions and details.

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