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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

For more information, please contact info@scrubjaytrail.org
(352) 429-5566

sat - wed : 8:00-5:00

Email photo contributions
of wildlife or plants seen
on the trail to this address: photos@scrubjaytrail.org



June 25, 2011 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers and Friends,

Bonneted Bat

"Bonneted Bat" - See below for more photos from the Bat Workshop.
photo: Jana Harris - May 2011

Trailday - Saturday, June 25, 2011    8am-11am
Tomorrows Trailday will begin at 8am with cold lemonade and a light bite to eat and continue through 11am. We are so excited to have a new gal with us.... an adult female scrub-jay has joined our group. Don't know where she came from, as she is not banded, but she arrived on June 6th and is quite shy compared to the other two in this section.

We will continue checking low volume irrigation lines. This water will feel great with the heat we have been experiencing. If you have not worked in this area before don't worry, no experience is needed, we will teach you.

Feel free to contribute one of your specialties to the breakfast table, but not required.
Please let us know if you will be joining us as we can be better prepared with the food table. See you in the morning.

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Snapshots from the Bat Workshop, May 2011

Cindi Marks and a Yellow Bat

"Cyndi Marks, co-founder of Florida Bat Conservancy, with a Yellow Bat "
photo: Janet Carter - May 13, 2011

"Being a bit shy"
photo: Janet Carter - May 13, 2011

Yellow Bat

"Yellow Bat"
photo: Jana Harris - May 13, 2011

Find out more about these amazing creatures from
Florida Bat Conservancy at  www.floridabats.org

Florida Bat Conservancy