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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

For more information, please contact info@scrubjaytrail.org
(352) 429-5566

sat - wed : 8:00-5:00

Email photo contributions
of wildlife or plants seen
on the trail to this address: photos@scrubjaytrail.org



February 27, 2010 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers !

photo: Winnie Gustafson

It is hard to believe we will soon be completing the first quarter of the new year! We may have accomplished more in the last 2 months than we have ever accomplished before.
Many of you have contributed hours to work the Space Coast Birding Festival in Titusville as well as the very first Florida Scrub-Jay Festival at Lyonia Environmental Center in Deltona
( note next years is well on it's way and scheduled for Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge,
on February 12, 2011 ).

Thank you

Pack #998
has left their mark by contributing their talents to build a fire ring at the amphitheater. The stone was graciously donated by Smokey Valley Stone in Clermont.

The Eagles Scouts have been lining up in the chutes and we have another in the wings that is ready to SOAR!!!

Habitat Steward at work
A special thanks goes out to Habitat Steward Caroline Richardson who has spent hours here weekly for several months eradicating invasives and contributing to Lake County school programs and encouraging students, teachers and Moms and Dads to get outdoors with their children.

Orange County now has the fever and we are working with them to expand their educational activities with school children and families to get outdoors!

Volunteering Partners
We have partnered and been swept by storm with the Hands on Network and Give A Day, Get A Disney Day, Volunteer Opportunity and could not be more thankful for the hours of contribution that we have received. This program has added an entirely new dimension and you might want to check it out.
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Scrub-Jay Update

The Scrub-Jays are courting and not so interested in us at the moment although they have come down to pay a visit to those that have contributed to their habitat. How they know who has traveled the farthest is beyond us. ..but the further away you come to visit the more they seem to know and appear for you.
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NWF Habitat Stewards Training


Right around the corner is the National Wildlife Federation Habitat Stewards Training on
March 6,7, and 8, 2010. We are honored to be partnered with the National Wildlife Federation for 10 years and offering these stewardship trainings in the state of Florida.

If you are interested in this program please RSVP immediately as we are closing out this years program.

Contact  bbbrowns@earthlink.net  or call  (352)-429-5566.

click here for more details
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Trailday February 27, 2010

This weekend marks another Trailday and milestone as we have made tremendous strides in creating expanded habitat for the Scrub-Jays. For those of you that have been at it for 9 years know that it is tedious as well as so rewarding. In 14 years you have been through 2 families, and 22 juveniles. And to think this has happened on one small 15 acre section of the Trail.
Can you imagine what it is like on all the other property that is not being recognized?

For the sake of Florida. If you know of any scrub-jays or want to be a part of history in preserving our heritage, please contact us and get involved. It takes many man-hours, and yet only a few hours for each of us, if we have many hands helping.

This weekend on Saturday, February 27th our Trailblazers will come together, as we do each month, and continue to work on the Florida Scrub-jay Trail to protect and provide habitat for the expansion of the Florida Scrub-Jay.
We have 25 extra sets of hands helping this Trailday to plant scrub-jay habitat, and we need those who are regulars to assist in the planting techniques and education.

Saturday will be filled with planting, so bring your shovels, gloves and camera to document the activities. Scrub-Jays have been a'-courtin' and is a sight to behold.

More to follow up soon. Keep us posted on your sightings.

Please RSVPinfo@scrubjaytrail.org ) if you plan on attending this Saturday. We need to know how much food and beverage to have on hand. As usual feel free to contribute to the breakfast table, we will have a larger than normal group.

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