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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

For more information, please contact info@scrubjaytrail.org
(352) 429-5566

sat - wed : 8:00-5:00

Email photo contributions
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on the trail to this address: photos@scrubjaytrail.org



April 25, 2009 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers!

Florida Scrub-jay Trail

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the April Scrub-Jay Trailday from 8am-11am, and we would like to see a large turnout. We have a lot of trees and shrubs to plant, but we first have to clear out some of the dead brush and connect new irrigation lines. Also if you have a chainsaw, we have a couple of sand live oaks that will need to be cut back again to encourage a denser tree.

You'll be happy to know that a 3' high sand live oak tree that had a brand new nest built in it a couple of weeks ago now has 3 beautiful eggs. Mockingbird eggs! Your efforts are paying off. Now we just need to keep on keeping on until the clusters of trees create a thick enough habitat for the Scrub-Jays to nest.

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Scrub-Jay Juvenile Update

The resident scrub-jay family is confusing us. They are acting like they are nesting, but we haven't found it yet. One female is showing signs of sitting on a nest with her ruffled breast feathers. As we reach the end of breeding season, it's critical that they produce some young. This is why it is so important that the Scrub-Jay Trail, both here and across the state, become viable habitat to sustain families of jays and encourage breeding. Your help is so important to make this happen. We have a long way to go, but we've also come a long way to date.

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Adopt A Roadway

The Florida Scrub-jay Trail "Adopt A Roadway" Clean-Up went very smoothly last weekend. Thanks to Mindy Meadows for organizing the volunteers. We had a total of 15 people who over 3.5 hours pick-up 17 garbage bags of debris. Hats off to a job well done.

Our next scheduled Florida Scrub-Jay Trail "Adopt A Roadway" Clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, June 13th from 8am-11am followed by a cookout.

Please RSVP if you'd like to participate because we have a limited number of vests. Who'd think we have to fight over cleaning up a roadway!

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In Closing
Honey Bee Class

Please feel free to contribute to the breakfast table.
Those of you who missed the Honey Bee Class missed out on
Judy Clark's "Beescotti", probably one of the best tasting confections you've ever experienced. Who knows what she'll come up with tomorrow. Come on out and find out.

We'd like to get an early start so we can beat the heat. We look forward to seeing you all again. Your dedication to the Scrub-Jay Trail is very commendable and greatly appreciated.

See you on the Trail.

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