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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

For more information, please contact info@scrubjaytrail.org
(352) 429-5566

sat - wed : 8:00-5:00

Email photo contributions
of wildlife or plants seen
on the trail to this address: photos@scrubjaytrail.org



May 24, 2008 Trailday Newsletter
Greetings from the Trail !

It's been a great Spring!
We're loving the weather, and the plants and wildlfie are extremely active.

Resident Scrub-Jay Family Birthing
The local residents of the Scrub-Jay Trail are nesting. They have been very active chasing and finally catching lots of dragonflies, crickets, and grasshoppers. We'll keep you posted.

Low Impact, High Rewards Irrigation

Newly planted scrub trees, shrubs, groundcovers and wildflowers all require daily watering until they are established with long tap-roots. Traditional irrigation on a project this size would draw way too much water out of the ground.

The solution is simple - Xerigation,
a low-volume RainBird system that uses a negligible amount of water aimed directly to the plant, maximizing every drop.

Dobson's Woods and Waters and Florida Irrigation Supply, once again, stepped up to the plate and donated labor and materials to install 400 feet of buried 2 inch pipe and over 1,000 feet of above ground tubing and valves to handle 500 trees and shrubs.
This Xerigation system is designed to grow as the Trail grows.

Scrub-Jay Road Show

It's been a very active time for environmental events, and the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail has been well represented. We estimate that roughly 2,000 students and adults received information about the scrub-jay at the following events within the past month:

Pine Ridge Elementary   - Arbor Day ceremony
150 Students planted a scrub-jay demonstration habitat consisting of scrub oaks, shrubs and colorful pollinators.

Pine Ridge Elementary   - Science Fair
At the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail booth, students received educational materials, made rubbing pictures of scrub-jays and gopher tortoises and learned about their habitat.

Lost Lake Elementary   - Science Fair
Students and parents visited the Scrub-Jail Trail booth, received educational materials, made rubbing pictures of scrub-jays and gopher tortoises and learned about
their habitat.

Grassy Lake Elementary   - Science Fair
Students and parents visited the Scrub-Jay Trail booth, received educational materials, made rubbing pictures of scrub-jays and gopher tortoises and learned about their habitat.

Sawgrass Bay Elementary   - Science Fair
Students and parents visited the Scrub-Jay Trail booth, received educational materials, made rubbing pictures
of scrub-jays and gopher tortoises and learned about their habitat.

Celebration at Disney   - "Environmentality" Program
Disney cast members attended a presentation about the Florida scrub-jay, the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail and native plants of the Florida scrub.

Lake County Tourism Day   - hosted by Lake CountyDepartment of Tourism and Business Relations at The Lake County Welcome Center. Lake County residents and visitors enjoyed the Scrub-Jay Trail booth and received information about the importance of saving Florida's endemic bird and its habitat.

Lake Louisa State Park   - Field day
Visitors to the Scrub-Jay Trail booth received information about scrub-jays and their habitat, Florida native plants and various habitat programs offered throughout the year. Visiting children got the opportunity to make rubbing pictures of scrub-jays.

This kind of public outreach is so rewarding because it piques peoples curiosity about the scrub-jay and the importance of preserving and restoring its habitat. Getting them out to see the actual birds in the wild will garner a lot of support for our efforts and help the fight to save them from extinction.
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New Trailblazers

Excitement about the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail is mounting, and the number of people participating in the restoration of the Trail illustrates that very clearly:

National Wildlife Week Scrub-Jay Trailday

This was a very unique event on the Trail. We had the pleasure of working with Cub Scout pack 268 and were challenged to keep up with their energy levels. Trailblazers planted 150 trees while listening to the down-home music of the Flat Mountain Band. This 4 piece group from Orlando donated their time to entertain us, and that they did. We hope that they will come back to another Trail event, soon. If you wish to contact them, their email is:   Dtuten@hotmail.com

      see pictures in the April Gallery                              read the article in the Lake Sentinel

Cubs from pack 268 enjoyed the National Wildlife Week so much that they came back to work and play on the Trail during an early evening planting. Many trees and shrubs were planted as the sun set, and everyone had a great time watering in the new plantings.

Pack 998
This special cub-scout pack spent several hours planting many scrub oaks and ground covers and then hiked the Trail where two scrub-jays stopped by to show their gratitude. The scouts were amazed that the birds came right up to them and they surely took away lasting memories of their visit. The scrub-jays will be looking for you next time.

                                                  see pictures in the Gallery

Stewardship Orientation Program
This is a first exposure to the jays for many people. This month's group spent a lot of time out on the Trail learning about the scrub habitat, and got to see the resident jays close-up. Once they've seen these guys, they're hooked. We hope that many of this group will return as Trailblazers.
The next free orientation will be on Saturday, June 7th from 8am-11am. We will start off on the front porch of the Trailhouse at 8am with a light bite to eat. Then we will hit the trail in search of gopher tortoises and scrub-jays. Many Fall blooming plants are actually beginning to bloom now and the eastern flycatchers and bluebirds are still nesting in their boxes along the Trail. The scrub-jays are currently nesting and have been very active. Check The Florida Scrub-Jay Trail website at   www.scrubjaytrail.org   for further information and to reserve your place.

Lake County Digital Photography Club
Lake County Digital Photography ClubMembers of this club came to photograph the Trail and surroundings.We encourage them to send their best shots to Sandra at photos@scrubjaytrail.org

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Summer Programs

Those interested in summer programs for children, scouting projects and group or family activities should contact us for information at   www.scrubjaytrail.org   or
call   352-429-5566   for further details and arrangements.
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The Great Memorial Day Scrub-Jay Trailday

Saturday, May 24
is, what appears to be, a party in the making. Lots of people have indicated that they are coming, lots of trees remain to be planted, and lots of fun will be here for the taking. Following the "work" we will be having a cookout under the big oak tree and do what "normal" people do on Memorial Day. Please let us know if you plan to attend so we'll have enough to eat. We unfortunately don't have a band booked, but Cathy has promised to lead us in a sing-along of some of our favorite Steven Foster tunes.
You won't want to miss it.

We hope you will come to the Trailday and feel free to bring friends and family. We look forward to seeing you again.
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