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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

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March 22, 2008 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers,

Florida Scrub-Jay TrailSpring Came Quickly!
It's hard to imagine that Spring is here already! The calendar says that Winter has past, but I don't even remember it.
Maybe it's a "senior" thing.

What I do know is that we really have to kick it to get ahead of the growing season. The bahia and weeds on phase II of the Trail that had been eliminated are coming back. Also, the 500 scrub oaks on the tarp are ready to be planted, but that can't be done until the irrigation is in. I guess if we didn't love what we're doing, it would be called "work".

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NWF Habitat Stewards Recognition Program

Gregory TerritoAs a part of the recognition program for the work being done by the NWF Habitat Stewards,
Gregory Territo
, a well accomplished snake expert gave a fascinating overview of venomous and non-venomous snakes of Florida. Don’t know for sure if we’re any more comfortable around a diamondback rattler, but we know a lot more about them at least. Gregory brought a Ball Python and a Hog-Nosed snake with him for everyone to handle.

Following the snake show, a sumptuous barbecue feast was followed by Stuart Hall, K.Z. Zuckerman and Vic DiGiorno, the Scrub-Jay Trail “House Band” providing hours of their brand of really great music and fun. A great time was had by all.

During an intermission break, we took time to recognize all the hard work being done by all of you. Our thanks again to those who gave up so much of your time to make this event go so smoothly.

Jack Elrod artworkWe were then treated to a tremendous surprise by Mike and Jacki Osbun, who presented the Scrub-Jay Trail with a museum quality framing of the original artwork donated earlier by cartoonist Jack Elrod.This Mark Trail strip appeared in papers across the nation.
Thanks again Osbuns!

                                                          see pictures in the Gallery
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Schoolyard Habitat

Pine Ridge ElementaryOn Monday, March 10, Habitat Stewards joined up with fifty second and third grade students and their teachers for the design and installation of a Wildlife Habitat Garden at Pine Ridge Elementary School on CR 561 in Clermont.

Over 60 plants donated by B.B.Brown's Gardens, were planted by the students. Upon completion,
a sign and a certificate were presented to the school's Principal, Ms. Cindy Kinat and the teachers Amanda Borysiewcz, Whitney Kreiling and Ginger Bidwell, which recognizes the garden as an officially certified National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat.

                                                          (Gallery pictures to come)
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Happy Easter Scrub-Jay Trailday

Saturday, March 22 is our regularly scheduled Trailday.

Rumor has it that Bunny Judy Clark probably has some kind of treat for us, but we'll have to wait and see. As usual, please feel free to contribute any kind of themed delights for the table.
Please let us know if you're coming so we'll know how much Easter Quiche to prepare.

info@scrubjaytrail.org   or   352-429-5566


As far as "work" is concerned, there's a lot of dead dog fennel on the Trail that has to be removed. Rakes and hoes will do the job with the goal being to clear an area that would be the location for a demonstration "pod" planting on Phase I of the Trail. This pod, or island if you will, will be the planting model for Phase II of the Trail.

We look forward to seeing you all again and hope that you have a Happy Easter.

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