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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

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July 28, 2007 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers,
                            see more photos of the day

Lots of activity on the Trail this month.

July Orientation Program

We had a record-breaking 28 people show up for the Scrub-Jay Stewardship Orientation on Saturday July 7. Many couples, families with kids and people of all ages were treated to lots of visits from Dad, Mom, and Baby Scrub-Jay, with fly-overs and head perching. It provided a lot of people their first encounter with a scrub-jay and changed a lot of lives. The group planted and provided irrigation for a nice section of the Trail. We're looking forward to seeing everyone from this group join the Trailblazers.

Radio Disney

We had a special opportunity to talk about the scrub-jay and the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail on Disney AM 990's "Kids Concerns" Show, hosted by Sunny K. Bruce and Cathy Brown were interviewed by student "Kidcasters" Morgan and Brooke, and were asked questions like "how do ecosystems affect living things?" and "why are natural fires important for scrub-jay habitat?" These kids surprised us with their insight and concern for the environment. It really filled us with hope for the future. Ironically, on Thursday, July 26 we participated in a conference which was attended by over 50 professionals in the environmental sciences and government agencies, and many of the topics discussed were much in line with the questions being asked us on the "Kid's Concerns" show. Very encouraging!

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People Making News at the Trail


The Florida Scrub-Jay Consortium is very fortunate to have received an extremely generous donation from the Homer and Patricia Bodiford Family Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Bodiford are avid birders, traveling the world to see rare species and capturing them on film and video. This donation will be used toward the Scrub-Jay Aviary fund. We thank you Dr. and Mrs. Bodiford!

Graphics and Photographic Support

Dan Cleary refurbished the Pine Ridge Elementary School sign by sanding down the wood and repainting the schoolhouse.  The sign marks the garden planted by the students last spring.  Thanks Dan, it looks great!


Louise Hunt
was out on the trail 2 weeks ago, camera in hand.  She found plants in full bloom that had not been photographed yet. Native plants are remarkable and ever changing.  If you miss one week on the trail you may miss the bloom for an entire year. Louise caught several flowers in full bloom and has made signs for the trail with these new photos.

They are now featured on this web-site in the new "About - Flora " section .  
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Wildlife on the Trail

Bobwhite Family
There is a covey of Bobwhite recently spotted on the property, consisting of 1 adult and 7 juveniles. Before we started our restoration of phase 1 we had many families of bobwhite. It is always very important, as you alter the land, to be aware of what species you may move due to your restoration.  We were fully aware of this transition and therefore kept other habitat available in the phase 2 section for the Bobwhite.   

As we move into phase 2 of the Scrub-Jay restoration we look to acquiring additional lands not only for the scrub-jay but for other habitat that will juxtaposition the scrub/sandhill ecosystem. For photographers this is an excellent opportunity to add a photo or two for "As seen on the Trail".

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Activities to come at the Trail

Phase II

It is time to really crank up the activity on the expansion of the Trail project.   Here's what we need:

Volunteer Recruitment .   Please talk amongst your friends and associates. We've seen what 35 Boy Scouts and their families can accomplish. Can you imagine what 100 adults could do in a few hours? Talk to your church groups, civic organizations, clubs and neighborhood associations to spread the word. It's surprising how much people care about the environment, and even more surprising to realize how many people are unaware of the scrub-jay and its status.

Remember this is Florida 's only endemic bird!

Leadership and Coordination .  We need a person or people to schedule, communicate with and line up volunteers to work on the following tasks:

o   Tree Cutting and removal . We will be cutting down and dragging away every other citrus tree in order to clear the way for new planting. Hundreds of trees will be removed, and the remaining will be pruned down to "scrub-jay size".

o   Sod and invasive removal. We are looking for open sand, and this will require raking and hauling away, once the herbicide has been sprayed. This operation is critical to scrub-jay survival. This is a tedious job with visible results.

o   Planting Committee. Over 1500 trees, shrubs and groundcovers will be delivered shortly, and will have to be planted. There will be a planting layout to follow carefully.

o   Irrigation Committee. We will follow the formula used on the front acreage, with more attention given to water pressure and sprayer volume.

o   Festivals and Speaking Engagements . The calendar is filled with festivals and speaking engagements, as well as private tours of the trail.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming festival or leading a group tour of the trail, your talents are needed.  All it takes is your passion for sharing what you already know about the Florida Scrub-Jay. It is amazing how you can change someone's life.

If you are willing to commit to participating in any of these activities, please let us know. We are excited about this wave of interest in the Florida Scrub-Jay. With your support,  the next phase of the trail can take place and that affects the entire state. We thank you for your dedication.

 So that's it for the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail Newsletter for July. We look forward to increased activity in August, and a completion of Phase II of the Trail by year's end.

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