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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

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Excerpt from June 23, 2007 Trailday Newsletter
Scrub-Jay Baby Update

These juveniles grow up so fast.  It is hard to believe that on Saturday, June 23rd, our baby will be 80 days old.At age 85 days they are considered 100% independent. And he/she surely is.

Already as large as Mom and Dad we have had many opportunities to watch this little bird mimic many things it normally would not be doing until next breeding season.

Shortly after the birth of the first 5 babies, Mom made a second nest and had 4 more eggs, two of which hatched. The day after the second egg hatched, we found both babies gone and the next day we found the additional 2 eggs gone. Predators such as snakes, hawks, owls, etc. are normally the source of this demise.

Nonetheless, it gave us an opportunity to watch the juvenile immediately put his cooperative breeding skills to use.  He/ she would fly quickly to the new nest to protect it, and he already started taking food from Mom and Dad and going to the new nest with the food as if to feed the new babies.  He certainly grew up very quickly.At one point after the second nest was abandoned we even saw the baby picking up coco fibers from the window boxes, as Mom and Dad picked up larger twigs, to begin what appeared to be a  3 rd nest.

This is all very rare, as Scrub-Jays normally have only one nest per season unless they lose all of their young, in which case they will make a separate nest and try again.

No new nests have been found and all routines appear to be back to normal.

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