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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

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June 23, 2007 Trailday Newsletter
Hello Trailblazers,
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So much was accomplished during the Memorial Day Trailday. Low volume irrigation lines were checked and /or replaced while several hours of clearing around the newly planted trees, shrubs and groundcovers took place. Thank you to all who participated on this holiday weekend.

As usual we had some wonderful treats to eat and the favorite, once again, went to
Judy Clark with her Bananas Foster bread pudding. Yum!

Good Grant News!

Good news on the grant front. The Consortium has received a grant for $15,000 from the McLean Contributionship in Philadelphia that will apply to the development of the Florida Scrub-Jay Aviary and treatment center for injured scrub-jays. Dr. Jason Palm, a veterinarian and National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward, has volunteered his services and we are most grateful for his very generous contribution to our communities.

The $85K facility will house Florida's only Scrub-Jay facility. It includes a 15'X45' scrub-jay habitat where injured scrub- jays can live out their lives if they are unable to be returned to their original habitats in the wild. This will also provide an educational component for children and adults alike.

Other grant applications are pending and private donations are being accepted.

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Scrub-Jay Baby Update

These juveniles grow up so fast.  It is hard to believe that on Saturday, June 23rd, our baby will be 80 days old.At age 85 days they are considered 100% independent. And he/she surely is.

Already as large as Mom and Dad we have had many opportunities to watch this little bird mimic many things it normally would not be doing until next breeding season.

Shortly after the birth of the first 5 babies, Mom made a second nest and had 4 more eggs, two of which hatched. The day after the second egg hatched, we found both babies gone and the next day we found the additional 2 eggs gone. Predators such as snakes, hawks, owls, etc. are normally the source of this demise.

Nonetheless, it gave us an opportunity to watch the juvenile immediately put his cooperative breeding skills to use.  He/ she would fly quickly to the new nest to protect it, and he already started taking food from Mom and Dad and going to the new nest with the food as if to feed the new babies.  He certainly grew up very quickly.At one point after the second nest was abandoned we even saw the baby picking up coco fibers from the window boxes, as Mom and Dad picked up larger twigs, to begin what appeared to be a  3 rd nest.

This is all very rare, as Scrub-Jays normally have only one nest per season unless they lose all of their young, in which case they will make a separate nest and try again.

No new nests have been found and all routines appear to be back to normal.

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Chinaberry Attack

On Saturday, June 16, we launched an all-out frontal attack on the Chinaberry trees on Phase 2 of the Trail. Master Chainsaw-er Dan Cleary led a group of able-bodied men consisting of Harry Bowman, Robert Bowman, Peter Mueller and Yours Truly (Bruce.)

We removed some very large trees, some up to 50 feet tall. These extremely invasive trees are spreading rapidly all from 1 tree that fell over in a hurricane as well as the birds that are consuming the seeds. Much was accomplished by this group. Thanks guys!

Robert Bowman, Dr. Harry Bowman, Bruce Brown and Dan Cleary

 Chinaberry - Click here    
For more information at Wikipedia.

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Activities to come at the Trail

Student Opportunities
Summer break from high school and college is a perfect time to explore a variety of environmental career opportunities. The Florida Scrub-Jay Consortium has had the good fortune of working with children visiting their grandparents, to a college student working on his master's degree in English literature at the University of Maryland.

We have several scout troops booked for private tours and activities in the Fall, and  homeschool groups.

Saturday, June 23rd is our monthly Trailday, from 8am-11am.
We'll be pruning the smaller oaks and continuing to clear around the bases of all the plants.

Feel free to provide anything you would like to add to the breakfast table. We will supply coffee and quiche, and bottled water.

Things to bring: Gloves, hat, and sunscreen.  Binoculars and cameras are optional.  We will supply drinking water.
Please RSVP if you plan on attending at    info@scrubjaytrail.org   or   352-429-5566

We look forward to seeing you on the Trail on Saturday morning.

Orientation, July 3rd
A free 3 hour orientation at The Florida Scrub-Jay Trail is offered on the first Saturday of each month from 8am-11am.  This is a very popular program and registration is required.

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Visitors to the Trail

We were honored with a special guest who has the love of the outdoors as well as the Florida Scrub-Jay.
Colonel Barbara Petersen, from Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia , joined us for the Trailday and we enjoyed having her with us. Thank you Barbara for your visit as well as the hours you invested in the Trail.

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