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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

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Daily Commercial Article: July 21, 2018

Linda Charlton / Correspondent

Cathy Brown gets close to photograph some of the tiny insects at Clermont's
Florida Scrub-Jay Trail on Saturday. The little bugs came out first.

Sharon Anger uses her tablet to photograph a moth that is sitting on the edge of the "moth cloth".

Cheri Pierce is silhouetted in the moth cloth. Pierce says her interest in moths started about
20 years ago with a chance meeting with a group of enthusiasts while on vacation in Arizona.

Cheri Pierce at her moth cloth, before the bugs start coming. Each side has a different type of
light source, as different moths are attracted to different types of light.

It was a mothing event, but the gathering was captivated for a while by this praying mantis,
undoubtedly attracted by the smorgasboard of little bugs.

CLERMONT ó About a dozen moth enthusiasts gathered at Clermontís Florida Scrub-Jay Trail on Saturday night to observe, count and photograph moths and kickoff National Moth Week.

The event was led by mothing enthusiast Cheri Pierce, of Sorrento, who filed the resulting data with Butterflies and Moths of North America.

The week itself is organized by nationalmothweek.org, in what is the moth equivalent of Audubonís Christmas Bird Count.

At the Clermont event, some participants were veterans while others were novices. But all went home with a reminder that when youíre out mothing, it pays to keep your mouth closed and your drinks covered, because those bugs can and will go just about anywhere.

A separate moth event is scheduled for Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Pine Meadows Conservation Area in Eustis.

Click here  for a direct link to the article at the Daily Commercial.

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