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The Trailhead is located in Lake County, Florida. map

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Daily Commercial Article: June 17, 2018

Linda Charlton / Correspondent

Dylan Montrowl baits his hook at Fishing and Basic Boating Skills Camp,
Friday at the Scrub-Jay Trail in Clermont.

A group is pictured fishing off the dock at the fifth annual Fishing and Basic Boating Skills.
The net is on standby for gar fish - which got away.

Dieter Grube, left, and Brody Steward cook up some hush puppies, prior to the fish fry.

CLERMONT ó Itís fishing camp season at the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail, and Friday was closing day for the second of the three week-long camps. The fifth annual Fishing and Basic Boating Skills Camp is part of a statewide program promoted by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. FWC tries to have one location per county for the camp and in Lake County, BB Browns Gardens at the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail is it. Students are taught fishing techniques, boating safety and navigation, use of trolling motors and oars, tackle selection and casting. And on Fridays they have a fish fry. The fishing is catch-and-release, so the fish-fry fish are obtained specifically for cooking.

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